Advanced Automation Group designs, manufactures and markets customized high performance power electronics and electrical motors for industrial, automotive and other commercial markets in North America and other global regions. Products include AC brushless and DC brush motors, motor drives/controllers with and without sensors, and other energy-efficient power electronics devices for industrial, automotive, agricultural and aerospace applications.

Our engineering team in Michigan is staffed with strong technical competence in power converters, motor controllers, electromagnetic sensors and actuators. We have designed the most advanced and challenging power electronics components, devices, and systems for automotive and other industries. We understand our customers’ needs and technical requirements in those fields in which we are focused and specialized. We design the hardware, program the controllers, and work with component suppliers to customize the controller and converter ICs to meet customer requirements for the lowest cost and highest reliability. We also offer our design expertise in motor and sensor electromagnetics using finite element calculations and circuit and system simulations.

We work with our customers one at a time to ensure that the customer’s requirements for power converters, electrical motors and sensors in their applications are clearly met. We propose a state of the art design or improvement customized to meet or exceed specifications. We validate the design against the customer's requirements. We then provide our world class manufacturing facility in China to offer cost-effectiveness and to supply in high volume. Our customers have full understanding and control over the products they purchase from us and take advantage of our technological and manufacturing capacities. This offers them a competitive edge in the market place.